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Threading out!
February 17, 2013


Today, I got all my cloth and thread out. I played with some colours and some backgrounds. 

I cut an elephant and dressed him up a bit. It was all therapy. I am unsettled and parts of me are sad, and then the fabric does it magic. 

As i looked for colours and textures that would tell my story, the story was told to me. I know I want to capture perspective, but I also want to break some conformity.
I want the story to have breaks and starts and disconnects and connects because all that seems important to me at this time.

So I am breaking my own rules, I am working on a patch of background cloth that is larger than the size suggested and I am allowing the story to tell itself through my fabric and patterns. 

Here are some pictures that I am sharing. 

I hope you are all piecing your narratives together, I await

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