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February 16, 2013

The red van, Krystal driving like a happy maniac and a terrified me, we explored the far reaches of Taleigao’s Oiteant area. 

 2013-02-15 17.37.39
2013-02-15 17.42.47
It is so heartening to find that children recognise the van, call out to Krystal ‘teacher’ and almost make to run after the red van. In a small yet significant way the Mobile library is becoming an integral part of children’s lives, on a shoe string budget.
2013-02-15 17.37.55
2013-02-15 17.32.29
We had a child who directed us to a space outside his house and in under 6 minutes we had about 15 children cluster to look at books. There were tots, more tots early readers, confident readers and those who stood far enough to not let the books touch them but close enough to get a sense of what we were about. I celebrate it all. My reward is seeing an almost sullen little one, suddely recognise something and explore print, then 10 minutes into the browsing session, call me ‘mama’ to show me a picture.
2013-02-15 17.42.36
Another little child pointing to a picture and  telling me ‘ hum thala bolte hein’, for a stack of plates. I loved. The MOP program keeps evolving and I do not know where the red van will take us next, but what i know is we will find children waiting for books and the magic they bring !

2013-02-15 17.38.07

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