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Many days….many colours.
January 23, 2013

January….a new year…..and already half the month has gone by. The team at Bookworm is already taking many steps into many new areas, and it’s clear that that next 2 months (to say in the least) are going to be nothing short of abuzz!

There’s a lot happening….and a lot of interesting events and activities to look forward to (so look out for the Bookworm calendars in the months to come!!)

All this means that the weeks go by….sometimes too fast! Here’s letting you in   on how an average 7 days goes by in the library space.

Monday morning [BLUES]….10 A.M… meeting. Coffee….more coffee. Ideating….delegating….discussing….reminiscing….calculating….working. The work goes on…the  work grows….the work happens. Everyone has a to-do list for the week.

Tuesday [WHITE], and the library slows down for the morning….only because the electricity was on the blink that day. But activity continues in the evening with other things happening in the background. MOP Cacra is happening.

Wednesday morning [to quote Coldplay- “…and it was all YELLOW!”] …book sorting going on for the events to come. Jumble sorting going on….Oh where do we put the stuff?! Oh the amount of stuff! Oh we need more stuff! Oh it’ll all be okay! SBT Wednesdays….in and out of classrooms. Yes…..yellow….and the busy bees buzzzzzzzz!!

Thursday and travel schedules kick in…people flying in, flying out, visiting…. Yes, Bookworm is all about the people! Yet another activity in the library, excitement at a high! The Chimbel MOP team preps, then leaves for the site. [GREEN] It’s been a long week already….

Friday [PURPLE and groaning….] …and hoping for things to fall into place; the team awaits updates, reiterates, debates, celebrates.

Saturday….and all the colours come together, in the library space and the little ones bring in their own splashes! And then… YELLOW! PINK! ORANGE! GREEN! RED! SILVER! SHINING! WHITE! They all have a favourite….and the excitement as the day’s activities unfold is always enough to pull a smile!

Colored Days (9)

Colored Days (5)

“I want another strawberry!” “I don’t like bananas!” “Grapes! Grapes! Grapes!”  (were some of the yells this week)

Colored Days (4)

And then, colours & feelings. Yes….Saturday mornings are good.

Colored Days (7)

Colored Days (6)

It’s true we have many coloured days at Bookworm…..but they all come together to make a really pretty picture.

Colored Days (1)

Colored Days

[For those of you wondering….we read it this Saturday, & a copy of Dr. Seuss’ My Many Coloured Days is available on our shelves]


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