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Crafters for the Thread Narrative Calendar Project 2014
January 14, 2013

We sent out invitation to Thread Narrative last week.

Nijugrapher - untitled-DSC_7386

People who signed up so far

  1. Chetna who says “This is really exciting!!”
  2. Niju who says “This is going to be therapy for me.”
  3. Merle who says “I have a poem called Secrets of the Sal, perhaps that’s what this patch will be.”
  4. Yasho who says “Delighted to sign up for this!”
  5. Juhi who says “I would love to be a part of this.”
  6. Pooja who says “I would love to sign up with Thread narrative exploration  and be a part of the needle craft family.”

If you would like to sign up mail us at

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  1. Wonderful to have a group already motivated.
    We should soon start posting our ideas or the theme we want to start working on.
    I look forward

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