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New Year already at Chimbel!
December 30, 2012

On 27th Dec 2012, we decided to talk to children about New Year and do some fun activity. We made calendar templates for January 2013. After book returning, free reading and games to settle down the crowd, Edy started talking about today, the date, month and year. Hands were raised, questions where answered and we already reached the new year Smile.

We wanted them to make their personalised calendar for January 2013. After distributing the calendar templates, we asked them to mark the special days of the month, birthdays, public holiday, our MOP days etc. Turns out many of them chose to mark their Thursdays and Saturdays (our MOP days) as  Books and Library.

Nijugrapher - DSC_1083

Nijugrapher - DSC_1089

Nijugrapher - DSC_1091

Nijugrapher - DSC_1092

Nijugrapher - DSC_1098

Nijugrapher - DSC_1105

Nijugrapher - DSC_1109

Nijugrapher - DSC_1110

Nijugrapher - DSC_1111

Nijugrapher - DSC_1113

Nijugrapher - DSC_1116

Nijugrapher - DSC_1117

Nijugrapher - DSC_1119

Nijugrapher - DSC_1120

Nijugrapher - DSC_1121

Nijugrapher - DSC_1123

Nijugrapher - DSC_1125

Nijugrapher - DSC_1138

Nijugrapher - DSC_1139

Nijugrapher - DSC_1140

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