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Bookworm soon going to be a Not for Profit Company
November 30, 2012


Bookworm will soon be registered as a Not For Profit Company and welcomes Chetna Malhotra, Pritha Sardessai and Niju Mohan as Directors to the new company. The registration means that Bookworm will be better poised to attract funding opportunities that grow the core areas of work, like the School Book Treasury Program and the Mobile Outreach Program. 

The new organisational structure also means that Bookworm will have more team members allowing the work to grow even stronger and allow us to have better fiscal and financial management that continues to build on the professional ethos we have so far created. 

As Bookworm grows, so is our network. We have met and shared our work with the Reading Cell at NCERT who want to learn from our experiences, we continue to partner and train organisations in other parts of the country through Sujata’s consultancy with SRTT ( Sir Ratan Tata Trust) sharing the rich experience of Bookworm on the ground with other NGO’s who are starting library programs, we are networking with Publishers across the country who work in Children’s Publishing and hope to strengthen our work in this area as we move ahead. 

Bookworm can only grow as an organisation because the work that has gone before has been solid and pedagogically sound and the practice has been informed by the children who continue to read and grow at Bookworm, where they learn to love books!

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