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Bookworm thanks Fomento Group of Co.
October 30, 2012


The 7 year itch is upon Bookworm ! We have itched and inched our way to Taleigao where we now work with a much wider and diverse section of children than we did in St. Inez. Troubles are often blessings when one can step back and evaluate. For Bookworm, our move to Taleigao has been very special in a number of ways.

Bookworm’s physical space is possible only because of the unconditional rental support we receive from the Fomento Group of Companies. People often imagine Bookworm to be a thriving profit center to afford a premise as luxurious as what we occupy. It is a luxury because we moved from a 110 sq mt apartment on the 2nd floor of an old building tucked away, to a 230 sq mt. independent house with road access!  We could never afford to have these premises on our Rs. 100/- registration and Rs. 2.00 per day book rental. The math is not hard. What Bookworm manages to earn from its fee paying clientele goes to support the maintenance and administrative expenses of the Library and even that is subsidized by management. 

It seems fitting at this time, that we publicly lay claim to the hand holding of a family that owns the Fomento Group for recognizing our need to have a space, for supporting the library and literacy program unconditionally and for allowing the work to grow. 

Bookworm is now a stronger organisation than it was last year, it has a more diversified management than last year, stronger community work than last year and looks at 2013 with hope, because we belong to a community that can help when support is needed. Thank you!

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