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Mobile Outreach Program
A visitor’s experience at our Mobile Outreach Program at Chimbel
October 29, 2012

Thoughts of Janees Reghelini after visiting Mobile Outreach Program at Chimbel

When my husband and I heard about Chimbel, we didn’t really have a picture in mind or know what to expect. But when Bookworm’s red van parked near the rented room where the sessions were held, a sea of happy, smiling and eager children greeted us with enthusiastic goodevenings. I was amazed by how vibrant and happy they seemed to see their red van. I say “their red van”, because it really did look like these children felt a part of Bookworm, felt like they had some kind of ownership – all of them jumping about, wishing and greeting, smiling and shaking hands, offering to help around. It is an overwhelming feeling, a happy one though.

Celebrating Eid, all of them were dressed up, many girls even had jasmine flowers in their hair. The Bookworm team – sujata and megha had a wonderful way with the children, singing to them and talking to them by giving undivided attention to each. They also had a puppet show for the children, as it was the last day until diwali holidays ended. The children seemed fascinated and were deeply involved in the story of the show which again had a lot of singing and action.
For me, it was inspiring to hear some of them speak in fluent english and approach me, a complete stranger to them and initiate conversation.

The children were also quite happy to see their work (drawings) displayed by Sujata in a book compiled by the Bookworm team – chimbel ABC book. It was really nice to see them light up when they realised one of their drawings was in the book.

All of us are so busy in our lives, seldom do we think about children who live a lifestyle we couldn’t possibly imagine and yet be so happy and loving. I was lucky to experience this evening and share their smiles and joy. It is one thing to think about these things and another to actually do. I am moved by Bookworm’s efforts in making a difference in these children’s lives.

There is really so much each of us can do, i wonder what stops us?

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