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Taking a walk….with Norbu’s new shoes!
October 17, 2012

Another Wednesday morning, 4 classes for the day. Fresh faces excited to hear a story….and today it’s Norbu’s New Shoes!

Quick responses as we recap the previous week’s story and excited responses as we move into a discussion about today’s book. “What kind of shoes do you like?”  “Teacher! Football shoes!” “Teacher, fancy shoes!” “Sandals!” “Dancing shoes!” “Teacher….I like my school shoes!”

And then…rapt attention as the story begins. Page by page, the kids are all ears to know what happens to Norbu and his new shoes. There’s much amusement as the kids see the monkeys getting drawn to the shoes….and then audible worry as the shoes get taken away! “Attam kittem zaatlem?!”, one boy asks.

Pages turn….Laughter! They like where the story’s going! And then as the last page is turned, Norbu is happy, and so are the children in these classrooms.

As part of the extension activity for this book, the kids were given a cut out of a footprint that they were to colour or decorate in any way they desired. This was done with great excitement and soon the footprints had been done up with mehendi designs, chappal and shoe prints and some in bright colours.

Furthermore, the kids were asked to write down 3 places where they take off their shoes; as Norbu had done in the story. And the answers they gave us in this space, were not always what 1 might expect. In addition to the regular responses like “mandir/temple”, “at home”; more unusual responses included “at the beach”, “bath time”, “before going to sleep”  and so many more.

For me, this was really something to take a second look at! The uniqueness of these responses and the fact that children have this ability to see beyond the mundane and think outside the box was amazing!

Even though at Bookworm it’s all about the stories, I learned this week that you can never know a person’s story…until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes!

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