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New Books on Bookworm’s Shelves!
October 9, 2012

Books! Books! Books! And still more books!

Without books, we would not be able to add to the innovative ways of keeping the reading habit alive and growing, and that’s what Bookworm is all about!

Bookworm caters to a wide range of children’s reading wants and needs through it’s various programmes. Give a child a book he is interested in, and he will read it; we strongly believe this! Having in excess of 17,000 books in English, Hindi, Marathi, Braille and bilingual formats, we’re still not happy to say “we’ve got enough!”

The library sees a regular influx of kids who get through series of books rapidly. The School Book Treasury creates class room libraries, making books easily accessible to kids across 20+ schools across the state and the Mobile Outreach Program takes books to children in areas where books are in fact a luxury. Having a monthly turnover of 2000+books and with our programs growing and expanding, we take time off to update and increase our own book resources constantly.

This last month, we received a gift of some Pratham books from Suzanna Singh and we know the excitement of discovery through a new book will strengthen.

Other books that you’ll now find on our shelves include…



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