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Mobile Outreach Program
Foundations of Education at Digantar, Jaipur
September 25, 2012

It’s been almost a year since I have been working with Bookworm. Starting as a volunteer on the Mobile Outreach Program and assuming responsibility for the program pilot phase turned me into a MOPHEAD. So I went from Technologist to MOPHEAD I don’t know how the roles got evolved. One of the reasons I like the work is that it makes me happy. Since I don’t have any background in Education, I was finding it difficult to step-in to certain areas of work including lesson planning, vision and purpose.

When Sujata emailed me about the Certificate Programme in Foundations of Education I was excited as it was exactly something I was looking for. Although attending the program would keep me away from work and Goa for 10 days of every month for the next 6 months, I was sure that the program will help me and our work at Bookworm.

I applied for the program and fellowship and was happy to learn that I was one of the 12 participants who were selected for the program out of 21 people.

The first contact period was from 13th September to 22ndSeptember. In the 10 days we have discussed and begun readings on Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education and Psychology of Education. This was a good learning experience for me as many of the things I came across with the work at Bookworm have been discussed in the program. It was good to understand the theoretical aspects as it gives one a deeper understanding and opportunity for reflection. The participants come from various backgrounds and this makes the program a good learning experience.


Photo Courtesy: Digantar

I am looking forward to the rest of the sessions and more learning…

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  1. Good to read your thoughts, Niju.

  2. Hello Niju,
    It is good to read your thoughts.

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