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An Archaeologist at Bookworm
September 19, 2012

What makes an archaeologist dig and why ?

This and other questions were answered and shared by Brian Wilson, a young, articulate, giving archaeologist at Bookworm on Friday 14th September.

Brian is in Goa on a Full bright Fellowship ‘ doing a surface search’ and examining ceramic shards and pottery in Old Goa. He shared some of his finds, his process, his methods and what he learns about the past to help us make sense of the present.




For children and adults who attended the session, Brian was a find! To have an archaeologist visit and interact with them was a treat and then to have the grace and patience of Brian, the knowledge and ability to share and relate to all ages and all questions was a gift.


Aparna, a 7 year old participant said , ” I found the archaeologist very interesting. I liked everything but mostly the pictures of the ruins in Old Goa and his tools. I really liked the way he explained how the roof of a house fell down and how he was able to tell us the direction in which the roof fell. I would like Brian Wilson to take us on a walk around Old Goa to show us the places where some of his pictures were taken”. 


For other children who were at the session, they want to learn more, they want to see an archaeologist at work . At Bookworm we are thankful that people like Brian cross our path and that the children and community we work with can come together with professionals like Brian who make learning exciting and thoughtful.

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