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Things you can do with Grandfathers Stick – a Tulika book
August 30, 2012


Story : Nandini Nayar
Pictures : Kshitiz Sharma

A MOP session at Chimbel, our site that teaches us something every time we read aloud.
We have now learnt that a bi lingual story allows the children to read aloud one part of the text while we read the other.
The Bi lingual book allows children to make meaning faster as they read.

Desiree read My Grandfather’s Stick and handed out straws that were to be imagined into things, from the story and out.
Here are some samples of the work. We delight!

Nijugrapher - DSC_9731

Nijugrapher - DSC_9732

Nijugrapher - DSC_9733

Nijugrapher - DSC_9734

Nijugrapher - DSC_9735

Nijugrapher - DSC_9736

Nijugrapher - DSC_9737

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