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Celebrating Onam at Bookworm
August 30, 2012

Pookkalam  a word in Malayalam is derived from two words “poo” and “kalam” which means “flowers” and “artwork” respectively. People in Kerala lay this intricate floral artwork on their courtyards on Atham, the first day of Onam. At Bookworm we got our act together on the last day of Onam, 29th August, before the 10 day celebrations end and invited Meera Menon to share the story of King Mahabali, and the tradition of the pookalam.

Pookallam at BookwormPookallam at Bookworm (1)

Pookallam at Bookworm (2)

Pookallam at Bookworm (3)

Children worked with Meera to use the flower petals in arrangement of colour and shape to create a pookkalam with a lamp burning in the center. The Library was aglow, children having cool payasam, parents and Bookworm staff festive and happy in the warmth of a celebration that reminds us that we are equal, that we have reason to celebrate and that life is about colour, beauty and tradition.Pookallam at Bookworm (4)

Pookallam at Bookworm (5)Pookallam at Bookworm (6)

Pookallam at Bookworm (7)

Pookallam at Bookworm (8)

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