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Save the Frog and The Wedding of the Frogs
July 29, 2012

The Bebeachem Kazar book was relaunched with support of the Department of Forest ( Goa) and Gallery Gitanjali

Pritha Sardessai read aloud verses from the poem and provided listeners with the beautiful rhyme and rhythm that comes with this Classic poem.

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Rohan Menezes and Noreen Carneiro read verses out in bi lingual form to bring to the audience the richness of this book and the possibility of having an English transalation for the first time. 

The audience were updated on the need to Save the Frog by the Mr. Heblekar of the Forest Department of Goa.

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Children crafted origami frogs that jump and hop and iced frog cup cakes, while every one caught up on frogs, books and life in general.

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