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Green Path in July 2012
July 24, 2012

Friday the 13th was……a brilliant day indeed! Even the weather Gods conspired, and after a spell of 4 nonstop rainy days, the clouds parted and what we had was a pleasant, sunny evening with a cool breeze blowing!


And so it was, that at 5:30 that evening, Bookworm’s July edition of ‘Green Path’ began! This month, we had Green Essentials’, Yogita Mehra take us for a walk….in the rice fields!

The evening began with Yogita showing us various varieties of rice and talking the kids through the various forms and ways we use rice. The kids were given rice seeds as well, for those who were keen on being l’il farmers. She also spoke about the various methods and practices that are carried out in the states paddy fields.

Green Path

As the evening progressed, 11 kids along with some of their Mums and Dads, and the Bookworm team in tow pulled on jackets, picked up umbrellas (JUST IN CASE!!) and set off to the rice fields that adorn the Taleigao road that leads you right to our library space!! Once in the field, squeals and squeaks were heard in delight by the kids and, in, some cases; distress by Mamas as our feet sunk into the soft water drenched mud! That moment passed quickly though as yet again, Yogita had her audience’s full attention with her intent knowledge and delightful wit. Questions were shooting from all sides, not just from the kids, but their parents too!

Green Path (4)

Green Path (5)

Green Path (8)Green Path (11)

After this, not to say that the questions or things that Yogita could have told us were through, but more a result of twilight falling, the little group decided it was time to head on home.

Quite certainly, I imagine that rice is no longer just rice for the people who were at Green path that evening… and I’d like to think that as some of us drive by that road, we look at those fields and think to ourselves… “I was there!”

Green Path (13)

Green Path (14)

For those of you who missed it, this is a 3 part series in the rice fields. So look out for a post saying that part 2 is happening! As always, we look forward to seeing you there!

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