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Glimpses from the sketchbook of a wildlife artist
July 2, 2012

On Friday the 29th of June, Goa got a glimpse into the pages of a wildlife artist, Carl D’Silva’s sketchbook.

Nijugrapher - DSC_5664

Nijugrapher - DSC_5668

Nijugrapher - DSC_5671

The artist displayed his sketches of birds in their natural setting and close up views,  from his recent trip to The Andaman islands. Beautifully, done, Carl’s sketches truly captured the scenery and birds in vivid detail.

Nijugrapher - DSC_5680

Nijugrapher - DSC_5690

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Nijugrapher - DSC_5694

The artist took the audience through the events and stories behind the images and told delightful anecdotes of his travels, that kept the audience hooked on his words.

Nijugrapher - DSC_5695

Nijugrapher - DSC_5697

Carl also explained the role of a wildlife artist in recreating scenes from memory and with a thorough understanding of science of animal behavior, anatomy and geography that result in images of painstaking detail; images that would in a lot of circumstances be next to impossible for even a skilled photographer to capture on the spur of the moment!

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Extremely well accepted, the event that was hosted at The International Centre, Goa had to be moved to a larger reception area as the turnout exceeded expectations.

Next on the Calendar and at a request from the wild life enthusiasts in the audience was a request for a more intensive workshop on Wildlife Art.
 Nijugrapher - DSC_5719

Nijugrapher - DSC_5728
We all look forward.

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