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Rain at Bookworm
July 1, 2012

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Saturday morning, a wet day in Panjim and 15 preschoolers celebrated this natural phenomenon.

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Our session opened with talk about the rain, what we feel, what we hear, what we can touch, taste and smell and what we see. 

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Young 5 year olds shared how the colour of the rain clouds change from dark, dark grey to white. How clouds look heavy and then fluffy and how rain can be icky and lucky! 

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They talked about colds and coughs and sneezes too! It was rain talk.

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This was followed by Manya Stojic’s brilliant book RAIN and the cycle of the seasons that we experience.  Animals and actions were called upon and song and rhyme naturally spilled onto our wet Saturday.

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The children crafted rain shakers and laced rain to clouds while painting a storm! It was wet, whacky and wonderful and our preschool bookworms splashed home with books to read for the weekend.

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