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Berry Art
June 30, 2012

Who ever thought that making art could be such a yummy affair?! Surprised???? So were the kids who were at Bookworm’s “Berry Art” on a dull rainy evening on the 27th of June.

Art Attack (1)

The weather outside was no indication of the atmosphere and mood inside! There was nothing dull in sight as 12 kids as well as some of the Mamas and Papas made art with the colour rich bhedsa berries…and tasted some too!

Art Attack (14)

Art Attack (2)Art Attack (3)

Things got brighter as the artist Harshada Kerkar went along the kids guiding them. Excitement went across the table as the berries were squeezed to to produce intense shades of purple.

Both, artist and participants were so excited, with the outcome, that they settled upon meeting again to create their happy art!

Art Attack

What did we get out of it at the end of the day you ask?? The answer’s simple….purple masterpieces…and a couple of purple tongues as well! Happy faces, good art, new connections and learning…that’s the Bookworm way!

Next session on July 4th at 5:30 pm

Art Attack (15)

Art Attack (18)

Art Attack (16)

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