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June 28, 2012

Gurukul Workshop (1)

Gurukul Workshop (3)

Gurukul Academy invited Bookworm to organise a workshop. The main objective was that Gurukul Academy wishes to set up an active library program in the school and wanted all stakeholders in parents and teachers to be appraised of the same. The workshop was held on Saturday 24th June, 2012

Gurukul Workshop (6)
Resourced by Sujata Noronha and titled “Parents and School Librarians: Partners in Student Learning; the workshop focused on the importance of reading being part of both the school and home ecosystem.

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The morning session focused on how parents could be more involved in the process of facilitating and assisting the school in implementing a good reading program. In addition, parents were given tips and guidelines on how to make reading a more enjoyable and regular feature for their children rather than making it a compulsory chore that was imposed on them.
Parents displayed an interest in the plan being put forth by the workshop and were enthusiastic in following up with the school’s improved library and reading facility.

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Following this, the latter part of the workshop focused on the role of teachers in enhancing a reading and storytelling program for the school’s students. The session began with a theoretical link of literacy and library. The building blocks to reading were shared and examples were given on how a story book brings all the essentials to reading in an organic and developmentally appropriate way in the hands of a competent teacher.   During this session, the teachers brainstormed amongst themselves and were introduced to innovative ways to conduct a story session, as well as guided on the possible ways in which to implement a productive library system.  The teachers’ session ended with the participants getting engaged in a hands on demonstration of a story extension activity.

Gurukul Workshop

At the end of the day, the participants of the workshop took back a wealth of ideas and plans to implement and the Bookworm team was ever happy to have brought children closer to books.

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