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Booktalk with Savia Viegas about Let me Tell you About Quinta
June 22, 2012

Books, brownies and bonding….what better way to spend a rainy June evening?! Booktalk is finally here! The bookworms, as planned, met up in the evening of 20th June and a rousing discussion ensued!

Bookworm’s booktalk began with author Savia Viegas sharing her journey with ‘Let me Tell you About Quinta‘ published by Penguin India.

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Savia shared interesting anecdotes from her own childhood in South Goa and how they morphed and shaped as she wrote this book.

Booktalkers were unanimous in how they felt the language of the book draws the reader in, reflects a world that is both familiar to those who live in Goa yet not.The book very intricately explains social class and caste issues with sensitivity and emotion born from lived experience and reflection on stratification, culture and history.

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It was a warm gathering of readers who all desire a space to booktalk and Bookworm will enable this with monthly meetings on the 20th of every month. The aim is to connect with authors in person as much as possible because everyone agreed that the authors perspective adds yet another dimension to the reading experience and causes one to think of the book again and differently.

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The next book up for discussion is “Difficult Pleasures” by Anjum Hasan. Read more here. Booktalk on FRIDAY 20th July, 2012. See you @ 6.00 pm, Anjum Hasan will be there…

We’re not just about the talk….it’s all about the books! That’s the Bookworm way!

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  1. Very nice pics Niju! Great job…

    1. Thanks Frederick. Photos are by Krystal. 🙂

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