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Bookworm at NoMoZo 2.0
June 21, 2012

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Last time, it was Mama’s day, this time it was the Papa’s! As Panjimites hit the street for NoMoZo 2.0 on the 17th of June, on 18th June Road, Bookworm made its mark on the pavement!

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The team set up the Mobile Library on the pavement outside Bombay Bazaar and out came the mats, easels, art supplies and of course…books galore!

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On a rainy Sunday morning, when the ideal plan would be to stay curled up under a blanket, kids came in to hear our storytellers Niquita and Elaine bring books to life and Krystal was around making little splashes and splats with paint! But that was not it! People of all ages came by and picked up a brush or crayon to paint the streets with us… literally; on a strip of paper depicting what they would like to see a Panjim street look like.

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And of course the Papas were not forgotten…..they were “framed” on Father’s Day as the kids made and decorated frames with shells, paint and colourful sequins as part of the activities for the day.

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No one said it better that the Beatles- “I get by with a little help from my friends…”, and we had all hands on deck! Desiree was everyone’s set of extra hands, Chandramohan captured the picture perfect moments and Stenford filled in the blanks and ran around with us. Vikram helped us spread out the mats, hid from the camera and then painted his own little masterpiece.

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Books were read, stories were told, creativity flowed…and everyone had fun doing it. That’s the Bookworm way!

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