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June 3, 2012

Over the past 2 – 3 years, Elaine and I felt that we needed a new medium to share what we were doing. We felt handicapped as we did not have the language. We know very little about the media of technology, so little that it could fit on a dessert spoon ! 

It was closer to last year that we stumbled upon techies thanks to the very same medium we have a love- hate game with! The world wide web. In that time, we had young, able and competent  tech professionals volunteer at Bookworm and learn about our work.

We shared our dream, to have a newsletter that captured the key work output and plans of our four programs and build on our database and supporter network. Tanvi Srivastava, Harish Prabhu and Niju Mohan made that dream come true. Tanvi designed the monthly newsletter for Bookworm, bringing her sense of design and palette of colour to our rainbow of work. Harish worked hard and diligently, to write the code that made the newsletter complete and since then every month Niju works at putting it together, linking it to our website and ensuring  Bookworm program updates are read by subscribers around the world. We are so thankful.

Elaine and I are enriched by the support of young people like this. Since the time of our first newsletter in March 2012, both Tanvi and Harish have left Goa and Bookworm, we wish them the best. Niju Mohan is under house arrest and we are delighted to have his continued support.

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