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Libraries in Schools
Extending stories in the classroom to link with literacy and learning.
May 24, 2012


Eleven educators who work in classrooms in Goa, met  at Bookworm to consolidate activities for story extension in the classroom.


  1. Create a Resource Book for Story extension ideas for teachers and others to use  once read aloud is done in the classroom.
  2. To pilot the activities in School Book Treasury Classrooms through observations, demonstrations, feedback forms.
  3. To conduct trainings for teachers to share the resource created and grow the idea and pedagogy.

Books were preselected. Demonstration and sharing was done of how a book is read aloud, then extended into specific areas like ( Reading improvement, writing activity, language development, math concepts, science, creative arts) .
Teachers worked in small groups with pre selected books and used the format created to generate ideas and extend the story linkages.

Over 50 books have Lesson Plans for after read aloud, conceptualised.
The same are being formatted and refined.
The Lesson plans will be tried, tested and revised in the course of term 1 of the school year .

This workshop was facilitated and led by Niquita Ferrao, a Special Educator who supports Bookworm’s work in the community through the Mobile Outreach Project. 
Very special thanks to Niquita and all the other educators who worked with Bookworm over the time period of the workshop.

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