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Updating Literacy Knowledge: beyond the abc of writing
May 16, 2012

A participatory workshop to understand how knowledge is organised in written texts, looking at the various forms of presenting knowledge visually in writing. The goal is to work with educators and use this exploration to sensitise selves about the varying contextual needs of literacy knowledge and education. The workshop focuses on how literacy is concerned with showing people different organisations of Knowledge and how to interact with them.

Who Can Attend: Educators and people who work with literacy .

Where: Bookworm, Taleigao Goa

When: Friday June 1st

Time: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm ( Please carry packed lunch or avail of take away service) Tea/Coffee available.

lynnFee: Rs. 200/-

Facilitator: Dr. Lynn Mario T de Souza – Professor of Linguistics at the University of Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Call: 9823222665 to register or for more details.

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  1. congratulations! Bookworm is doing great work

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