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Summer Workshops of 2012
April 29, 2012

April 2012, Bookworm organised workshops at the new library premises all month of April.

Children signed up to learn to cook and bake with Anita Martins-Pereira and Elaine Mendonsa.

Bookworm positions Cooking and Baking as at the Library is one of the most favoured learning activities for its multi-sensory and integrated curricular dimensions.

Cooking and baking makes specific demands on reading in sequence and decoding short sentence, exposes young chefs to new vocabulary. Recipes make demand on functional math skills for measuring and approximations, use of science to understand how changes matter and what the various processes that are used for cooking are. Cooking and baking links food to cultures and peoples and allow young children to get a ‘tactile’ sense of how we are influenced through food. But the most positive enabler is that young people make their own food, being actively involved at every level and stage of the process and take some samples home to savour and enjoy with a recipe to do this again and again.Cooking_Workshop



Using words and images to express ideas was the main theme of this workshop.

Story Writing: What makes a good story, what are the parts of a story, who decides what stays in a story and what not, what is a character and what is a setting, are conclusions necessary, can a story be connected to my life and can I fun crafting a story?

Participants were facilitated by a host of writers, Victor Rangel Ribeiro, Salil Chaturvedi, Anniruddha Sen Gupta, Milan Khanolkar, Salil Konkar and Jose Lourenco who visited the workshop to interact and support creative writing with the kids.

Clay Animation Workshop:

Children worked with Salil Konkar and Milan Khankolkar and made a short film using clay to craft characters, called The Wizard and the Green Dragon which you can view here.

Tribal Motifs in Art and Craft:

Children used traditional motifs from Warli, Madhubani and Gond Art to create objects that they crafted in fabric, paper, wood and foam.

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