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Language Story Art workshop by Bookworm for Sir Ratan Tata Trust partners
April 29, 2012

Bookworm with support of Sir Ratan Tata Trust organised a workshop on Language – Story – Art at Caritas Hall, St.Inez with 32 educators from different parts of India who work in the area of emergent literacy. The workshop was from 17th April – 21st April, 2012.

The workshop was resourced by Milan Khanolkar and Roshan Sahi, both art educators. Participants from sites in Ajmer, Udaipur, Bhopal, Yadgir, Sonale and Nandurbar explored, experienced and reflected on issues of language and identity, language and expression and language and exploration. The workshop also focused on the different forms of language and mediums of expression that adults and children  use to share understanding and learning. It is expected that an understanding of the structure, nature and purpose of language will help inform the pathways in which educators bring children to literacy and the ways in which gaps between home and school language can be bridged. The form of the story was explored as a medium of bringing together inner and out worlds, learning about structure and Standard and connecting ideas.


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  1. Dear Bookworm

    It very useful for all education team members because education belongs to BOOK your effort is very nice one week workshop is help for our work and developing reading hobbies among the children’s now day become children’s are very busy in the technology using computer and all your workshop build to capacity of all participators to encourage the children towards the BOOK I very much like your Library which contain so many children BOOK Sujata madam you are person who born for book you are a such good BOOK collector those are very helpful for all KIDS


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