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Jumble Sale
Bookworm Jumble Sale 2012 – We are ready for you
February 25, 2012

Great stuff, Good bargains, Give to a cause. Support us!

The Jumble supports The Book Treasury programme that takes books to schools and works with teachers and literacy.

The Jumble Sale is on 26th Feb 2012 at the Indoor Stadium in Campal, near the Swimming pool of the Sports Authority of Goa (SAG). It opens at 9.00 am and closes at 5.00 pm and yes the best items are gone by 9.45 am, so come from Aldona as early as possible.  The Bookworm Jumble Sale welcomes everybody!



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  1. My first JUMBLE SALE EVER!!!
    Thank you TEAM BOOKWORM for making it one of my fondest future memories!
    Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012!!!

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