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Preschool Language Enrichment Program@Bookworm
June 23, 2011
Preschool Language Enrichment Program- every Saturday.
June 25th theme: Seeds and things that grow. 

Sat @ Bookworm

Theme RAIN . Preschoolers led by Elaine, explored the season in a multi sensory way.

Oral :

Talk about the season – what you see/hear/smell/ feel

What does the rainy season mean?

Visual :

Looking at books on Rain. Some of the titles were

Talk about what they saw –

Spotted an umbrella/puddles

Auditory and group work:

Monsoon chorus: What sounds do we hear during the rains.

Reasoning and logic while having fun:

How many fit under the Umbrella? Physically looking at size and counting.

Umbrellas and colour through four corners game.

Listening to a story:

Read Aloud: RAIN – Manya Stojic

Explored the events and moods of the story – animals and their senses

Music and Movement:

Rhymes and songs about the Rain

Hands On, tactile work:

Crafting a rain window and painting a wet scene.




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