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Book Talk February Pick: Kafka On the Shore
February 11, 2011

Our Book Talk has finally taken off on the google group and how!! We’re thrilled to have so many people with so many ideas and thoughts to contribute on this forum.

This month everyone has pretty much unanimously voted for Kafka on the Shore.

Let’s begin reading Kafka on the Shore from Tuesday, the 15th of February.

That gives those of us who still swear by printed copies, still some time to get hold of the book!

This is a slightly longer book, but the style again, seems simple.So lets aim to read approximately a minimum of 200 pages every week. So technically, we should be done with our book by Tuesday, the 8th of March.

This month we’d also like to request you to invite  friends who might enjoy reading this book with us! May be, you could send them a copy of this schedule and a copy of the pdf. If they are interested, please send us their email address, so we can add them on to the group, as membership to the group is by invitation only.

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