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Book Talk
October 9, 2010

Bookworm has always been a place where children learn to love books. We’ve had a germ of an idea for a while now. Without your support and participation, it would remain just that, an idea. We would like to put our blog to more creative use, by launching an exciting discussion space for adult readers too.

Bookworm warmly invites you to come join in our efforts to begin an online Book Club. We call on anyone and everyone who thinks reading is serious fun to join in. Please forward this to your friends and family and help spread the word.

Purpose: To provide a space where readers can share views, perspectives and talk about books.

We would like to hear why you would like to be part of the discussion group. The reason we are hosting this online is to enable us to read and post comments and responses in our time, to be led to books we might have not considered and to grow in our own reading.

Once a book titled is posted, we will schedule a reading time followed by a response and discussion time. This is to enable everyone to finish their book without being unduly influenced by another. We will evolve these times as we grow to know each other and our book choices.

We aim to keep discussions centred around the book, some choices might have a discussion guide or might have questions to reflect upon or may simply be open. The comments however will be moderated and we aim to respect everyone’s opinion and point of view.

Please write to us at <> to confirm your participation or just leave a comment here.

We hope to set the wheel rolling by the 15th of October 2010 with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s acclaimed novel Half of a Yellow Sun.

Once you decide to join our Book Talk, please send us a brief, 2 – 3 lines about yourself. For starters,

Hi! My name is Sujata. I live and work in Goa. Bookworm is my baby together with my partner Elaine. I love reading, painting and writing. I learn best through teaching.

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  1. Hi Sujata, I’d love to join in!

    My name is Chryselle and I am a freelance writer currently living in Panjim. I’m looking forward to the online book club. Is the book available locally to buy?

    1. Welcome Chryselle! Unfortunately I have not been able to locate it at The Broadway Book Store in Panjim, but infibeam and flipkart have it at Rs. 224 – 248 with shipping free, so please order.
      Looking forward

  2. Dear Sujata,
    This is an excellent idea. I want to join because at least this way I will read books. I have become illiterate over the past few years. The reason I give is work.
    I am a teacher in Phaltan and love the nature and want my children to read a lot and find myself falling behind in it.

    1. Welcome Manjiri!
      We hope Book Talk will help you rediscover the magic of reading….together.
      Looking forward to vibrant discussions and more.

  3. Hi!! I’m Jennifer. I love books, especially moth-eaten, musty paperbacks.I’m currently working as a teacher in a school in Mumbai. One of my passions is to get children to like and enjoy writing.
    I will try to play the part of a ‘moderator’ on this forum 🙂

  4. Hi All,

    I’m Meghna and I live in Bombay. I teach English and Drama and am rather excited at the idea of reading together with others 🙂

  5. Hi Sujata,

    Great idea!!!! Looking forward to exciting discussions. I am more into non-fiction but maybe this will further strengthen my fiction collection.

    Gopal (Mumbai)

  6. Sounds like fun. Count me in but only after the 15th of November.

  7. Btw, I live in Bathinda. I run a school and teach English and Social Science.

  8. Hi Meghna,
    Welcome to Book Talk, glad you joined in 🙂

    Hi Karthik,
    Welcome! Hope to hear from you soon after Nov 15.

    Hi Gopal,
    Hope you come to enjoy reading fiction as much as non fiction, through these discussions 🙂

  9. Hi, I am Vrinda, and I am from Cochin. Like someone said earlier, I love books. In all forms, shapes, sizes and colours. Since I left university, I’ven had many opportunities to sit down and read and love or hate a book along with ‘friends’. I’d love to be a part of this group 🙂

  10. Erm…a clarification, my name IS Vrinda. Anamika is my screen name. Please feel free to refer to either

  11. Hi All,

    I am Shweta. I am working with an independent publishing house in Delhi. This club will give me an excuse to read the books I simply keep adding to the ‘must-read list’, and a lot more. 🙂

  12. Hi, I am a Research Scholar at the Centre for the Study of Social Systems at Jawaharlal Nehru university, new Delhi. I am really thrilled at your idea for three reasons: first, at a time when mass media is creating its own imposing structures that are accentuating a kind of circastic addiction on the young and intelligent minds, an effort of this kind that can have a great potential to incalculate the reading habit is the reall need of the hour. second, the virtual platform you are intending to create can serve as a learning space for many of us who are spatially distanced but are willing to remain connected with likeminded people. and finally, it’s really a pleasant idea to sit at your desk and discuss with others about the book you like most or prefer least and to hear the same from others. your selfless effort is going to facilitate such a virtual desk-experience! thank you for keeping your idea open, and I am definitely going to be the reading member of your online-book-club, if not a regular contributor.

  13. hi
    i got to know of this through shweta and i sure hope its going to be fun! can’t wait to start.

    1. Wonderful Geetanjali!
      Welcome. Hope you’ve checked out the post ‘Getting Started’

  14. Hi All,
    I’m Pritha, an architect by profession but its being a mother of two which has made me work closely with Bookworm. Have enjoyed every experience thoroughly, the latest being the heritage walks, Cholta Cholta, I’ve been doing with Sujata and many others. I look forward to the book club because I’ll be reading really good books I may otherwise have not known about. Hope I can keep up with the pace!

  15. dear bookworm,
    I have found a long lost friend here. Can I get Karthik’s contact?

    I have got my copy of Yellow Sun. Have we started reading yet? I mean I did last night. But what is the schedule?



    1. Dear Manjiri,

      The schedule is up on the blog, please follow this link
      We will shortly send you Karthik’s contact by mail.

      1. Hello everyone!
        Here are some others who joined Book Talk.

        Hi Sujata,
        I would like to join this online book club for the sheer joy of experiencing the perceptions and views of different people about a book. I had heard of book clubs active in the western countries and now I am more than glad to be able to access one.Currently I am working in the field of environmental research in Mumbai and I love books even their smell 😉

        Hi !

        I will participate in the online Book Club.

        About me:
        Hi! My name is Rahela. I am a Lawyer and am currently working in New York. I am excited to be a part of this Book Club.

        Rahela Khorakiwala

        I would like to participate and will do so once I get to read and reflect on the recommended book.Thanks!

        Anita Mathew.

        Dear Sujatha, Malini, my neighbour in Bombay, invited me to join this book club. Like you and the other members I love to read and discussing books together online sounds quite fun. Looking forward to reading Half a Yellow Sun.

        thank you,

        1. And some more who joined, yes we’re growing 🙂

          I’m Bindu from Bangalore. I work with teachers and teacher educators enabling them to understand how to integrate technology in Education, both for their own professional development and also how best to use technology in the classrooms. I love reading, hiking and day-dreaming. I would love to be a part of BookTalk.

          Many many congratulations and wishes for this initiative. I may not be able to read all the books but will try whatever is possible. Two lines about me

          Hi all, I am Manish Jain who after teaching for ten years in a school in Delhi, now teaches at TISS, Mumbai.


  16. Hello everyone,

    I am Shaivya, a Designer based in Delhi.
    I love to read books, and I think this is a wonderful intiative!
    I can’t promise, that I will be able to read all books discussed here, but will always try my best. 🙂

  17. Hi, my name is Karen. I am the mother of two boys both of whom (and myself) have been lucky to be associated with Bookworm. I live and work in Panjim, Goa. I look forward to the discussions and hope to be able keep up with the reading!

    1. Dear Karen,
      Wonderful that you found your way around the Bookworm blog. hope it soon turns out to be a friendlier space 🙂 And Welcome!

      @Shaivya & Swati: Great!! Welcome and hope we give you more excuses to read and discuss books 🙂

  18. Hi all!
    This is Swati who loves to read and write, but has several excuses to not find time to do either. I am very excited about being introduced to interesting reads and new ideas and views about my world! I’m hoping this will help me nurture my deeply held love for cultivating an open and creative mind.

  19. PS- I’m based in New Delhi and work with an academic publishing house.

  20. Hi ,I am Subha from Vadodara . I am into art .I teach art ,read art ,learn about art and about teaching art,canvass for art etc. I also read .Anything –from picture books to ….any reading material which are often kept on the tables in the waiting rooms (doctors,lawyers ,….). The smell of the book and the cover and illustrations often dictate my choice of reading .I am looking forward to be part of this collective learning .

  21. hi,i am chetna.Finally a book club..thanks sujata.Will definately be a part of this one.I love to read books and am waiting anxiously to see the list unfold.Apart from reading i like art, be it painting in itself or just reading about it.Cant wait to get started.

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