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Cholta Cholta - Walking tours of Goa
Cholta Cholta -Precinct near Azad Maidan
September 17, 2010

Cholta Cholta walked off to a good start despite the rain. We had close to 22 children, and a few adults as well who braved the wet day to walk and learn. We put our best foot forward at the Azad Maidan, learning about the Maidan and the memorials within, then crossed a slippery path to the Government Printing Press that has existed here for over 100 years.
We next walked into Casa Dempo and looked at a traditional hindu home that is restored within the city and listened to the legend of Goddess Laxmi and her visit to this house, centuries ago.
The block was explored to the North end and then onto to the garden , where we learnt about Luis de Menezes and the Institute Menezes Braganza.
We all paid close attention to the Cross that exists alongside the ferry wharf and will now look at it in another light after hearing about the memorial it represents.
Vasco da Gama and voyages dominated our search and find on the beautiful Azulejos inside the Central Library building, where we also met with the Librarian and walked around India’s oldest Public library. Our final stop was at the Police HQ where the large open ‘chowk’ was another surprise inside the once Military Barracks and Police Station of the Portuguese Army. We walked, we learnt and going by the children, we had fun too!

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